Our Jungle Hearts Sponsors

Chuck’s Steak House was were Jungle Hearts was created! The restaurant owner and some of their employees have been to the amazon rain forest and are committed to our mission. We have our monthly meetings there, they have donated to our fundraisers every year and have allowed us to use their parking lot to have our annual yard sale. We are deeply indebted to Stephen and the staff that support our cause.

Chucks Steak House/Margarita Grill http://chucks.com/

The Auburn Sportsmen Club has been a long time supporter of the Auburn Middle Schools annual trip to the amazon rain forest and has hosted many amazon meetings at their club. They also are the spot for the bird banding that takes place every fall and spring to tack migratory birds many of which come from the very region in the rain forest we visit. The sportsmen club and their members are poud sponsors our annual fundraiser by generously donating the hall so that we can continue our mission of empowering indigenous communities in the amazon rain forest.

Auburn Sportsmen Club http://www.auburnsportsmansclub.com/

The Compass Tavern have been generous contributors for our annual fundraisers, they have never said no when asked if they could donate whether that be gift certificates or generous baskets for our raffle. Our raffle has been the highlight of our fundraiser and it’s because of business’s like The Compass Tavern that support our cause.

The Compass Tavern http://www.thecompasstavern.com/

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